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Professional Injection Packer Manufacturer

SinoPacker is an injection packer manufacturer who mainly servicing injection waterproofing, sealing building structures, and repairing cracks.

The injecting workers from different countries with different habits when injecting. Depending on the required pressure, the situation of the structural element and the injection material, different packers are available. So the Injection packer is very important for a successful project.

What we are doing is to make the injection works easier!

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Injection packer &  pump

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Aluminum injection packer


Steel injection packer


Injection pump


Waterproofing Coating Machine

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Injection packers were widely used for chemical injection project. Like tunnel, underground, basement injection waterproofing. And for crack repair epoxy injection.
Different type & size injection packer was needed for different injection situation. The right injection packer is very important also for a successful injection project!

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Injection Packer Mnufacturer:
Head Factory Add: Xinpu Industrial Park Cixi City Zhejiang Province 
Qingdao Branch Add: No.1581 Jinshui Road Licang District Qingdao City, China

Tel: +86-186-532-32512

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